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10 Ways to Reduce Corporate Travel Expenses

A corporate travel policy is only effective if travelers are actually following it....

Managing traveler behavior is a necessary next step that follows closely behind the supplier negotiation process.

Successful travel programs (and those that continue to achieve savings) have found ways to leverage their corporate travel policy to drive savings through a more focused approach on their travelers. This begins with concise and accurate measurements of missed opportunities, combined with education and an advanced communication strategy reinforcing the messages of compliance and accountability.

Here are 10 tips on how to save across your travel program:

1. Airline Rewards Program Savings - Is your company missing out on discounts, complimentary seat upgrades, passes to airline lounges, and/or meal vouchers? Travel Management Companies a.k.a. TMCs can negotiate with carriers on behalf of your company to secure additional perks and discounts for your travelers!

2. Supplier Negotiation Opportunities - TMCs are aware of the minimum threshold required to negotiate exclusive corporate rates for your company and can notify you when these thresholds are met to determine next steps.

3. Online Booking Tool – A TMC partner will help to determine if a corporate online booking tool is right for your organization. A qualified TMC can provide an online booking tool, customization, and training as part of a defined transition plan. Program useful custom data fields for GL codes, project codes, and billable or non-billable expenses.

4. Advance Purchase of Airfares - Last minute bookings may be unavoidable due to client needs but airfares still tend to spike in those last 7 days before travel. Planning and booking 14 days or more in advance will save money.

5. Missed Airfare Savings - Taking into account price, time, and your company's travel policy, TMCs are able to identify missed savings opportunities and present recommendations on how to encourage desired purchasing behavior.

6. Missed Hotel Savings - With thousands of hotel properties out there, TMCs can provide a consolidated view of preferred hotel options and supplement their own exclusive rates that can include more business friendly amenities that corporate travelers need.

7. Airport Parking Missed Savings - Your company can leverage your TMCs negotiated rates for Airport Parking and Park'N’Fly to realize additional cost savings.

8. Unused Tickets - Is your company tracking unused airline credits efficiently to ensure you aren't losing that money? TMCs will track unused airline credits and ensure they are used before they expire.

9. Missed Car Rental Savings - Your company can leverage your TMCs negotiated rates for car rentals to realize additional cost savings.

10. Travel Policy Compliance - Do you have travelers who routinely book out of policy options? This could be impacting your bottom line. TMCs will alert you to these situations and work with you to encourage these travelers to book in-policy options.

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