Business Travel Solutions

3 Steps to Improving Your Company's Travel Program

Lower Your Travel Costs With These Suggestions:

1. Benchmark - Set spending caps & guidelines. You will lower your cost per trip immediately by revising your travel policy to reflect spending caps. Each frequent destination should have a "trip model"- the airfare, hotel and/or car rental price and vendor that must be booked every time. With increased volume to specific vendors and cities, lower rates and better service can be negotiated.

2. Policy Simplification & Procurement - Travel needs to have a budget and a plan. It's an investment in your business. The UNIGLOBE service choice provides both self-service (Concur) and experienced agent service. There are no excuses for booking outside of your travel program. Travellers "must book" (not "should book") according to company policy to support company rates, duty of care and your managed travel program.

3. Process Automation - It's important that data and travel costs are visible. An auto copy of each travel invoice increases control and keeps travellers in check. Our reporting system can auto deliver data reports to measure spend and provide raw data feeds for expense reconciliation. Streamlined back office procedures improve efficiency and cost control and support your travel program.

These are simple steps to drive savings and add value to your travel program. For more information, please contact me directly- Mark Crone;

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