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Air Canada Introduces Boarding by Zone

In December, 2014, a new streamlined boarding process based on zone numbers will be introduced for flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and Air Canada Express. It will replace the previous standard of boarding the aircraft from back to front row seat numbers.

When you check in for your flight, the zone corresponding to your seat will be printed on your boarding pass. At the airport, you'll be invited to board the plane when the gate agent calls for your zone:

  • Zone 1*: Priority boarding  for Business Class and Super Elite 100K customers
  • Zone 2*: Priority boarding  for Elite 75K, Elite 50K, Elite 35K, Star Alliance Gold, Premium Economy, Latitude and select TD and CIBC credit card holders
  • Zones 3, 4 and 5: General boarding for Economy Class customers

Naturally, customers who requested wheelchair assistance will still be invited to board first, and those travelling with children under the age of 6 can continue to board in advance of general boarding.

So remember to look for updated signage at your gate and to check your Air Canada boarding pass to locate your boarding zone number.

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