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If there’s one Washingtonian resto that you ought to get a table in, that’ll have to be the six-seating restaurant located down 8th Street Northwest.

Be One of the Very Few Lucky Diners to Eat at the Minibar

Helmed by Jose Andres, who’s billed as Washington’s boy wonder of culinary, the Minibar is the flagship amongst the four Washingtonian dining opportunities led by this outstanding chef. If you’re fortunate enough to have reserved a seat a month before your chosen date, then you’ll be able to revel in as much as 30 small servings of outstanding dishes in the likes of pineapple ravioli and foie gras.

Minibar was, in fact, rated as an excellent eatery by the prominent website Washington Post, particularly by its food critic Tom Sietsema. Get the excerpt of his review right here:

The high times might begin with "sangria" you eat with a spoon and end with a strip of bacon robed in chocolate flecked with a speck of gold leaf. Along the way, a team of several cooks -- focused but friendly magicians who whip up edible wonders just feet from their audience -- might also hand over a cloud of cotton candy that replicates Thai curry, brilliant near-liquid baby carrots, a blue-cheese-topped almond "tart" based on almond cream and liquid nitrogen, and (hang on!) prawns served with "brioche" that's just yeast-fragrant air pretending to be bread.

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