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The iTranslate App allows you to determine a particular language with its speech input feature as well as say want you wanted to say in one of its 16 languages by speaking directly to your smartphone and having this speak back or translate a particular language into its text form. Get more info on this free app’s other features in a quick review provided by Jen Allen of
Users simply speak into the iOS device after selecting their relevant language, and the app quickly translates. It is genuinely as easy as that. It can be used alone in order to quickly translate something or as a bridge between two people who are fluent in different languages, thus fulfilling the Universal translator idea. It’s pretty accurate, too. I found that the best results were when speaking clearly at the device, rather than mumbling or speaking quietly, otherwise it was liable to confuse words such as test for pest. Other than that, things are speedy and effective. There’s not even a need to calibrate the app beforehand, as it just works.

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