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Are you expecting the extremes during your future adventure trips? Then make sure you live by with clean water.

Drink Clean Water on an Adventure Trip with MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

The first thing you ought to prioritize when camping or hiking is the constant availability of water, and while you’ll encounter countless rivers and streams during your journey, it’s best that you ensure the water’s cleanliness by using the MiniWorks EX microfilter, which particularly utilizes a ceramic/carbon component to give you a taste-free, consistent and clean water wherever your adventure may take you.

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If slow and steady wins the race, the MSR MiniWorks EX is a great filter. I have used other filters that have pumped faster, but the MSR MiniWorks has many other features that make it very user friendly. Unlike other filters that I have owned, no piece of it has yet to break. All of its valves and plastic extremities have proven to be very durable. Also, it is field cleanable, which I like a lot. It needs water to be cleaned, so the one time I found myself in a situation in which I knew resistance was going to be futile, this was not particularly helpful. However, as stated above, this was an extreme situation. Not only is it field cleanable, but it is easy to figure out what the exact problem is. All the problems that I have experienced with the filter have been relatively simple to determine and fix.

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