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If you think Swiss army knives are genius creations, then you’ll think the same thing with our featured travel gadget of the day.

Typical USB Flash Drives


For less than $50, you could already get your hands on the 4GB Victorinox Slim USB Memory Stick. While it is styled after the good old Swiss army knife, you really won’t be bringing a sharp object with you as you travel (as this would, of course, create security issues in the airport). Nevertheless, you’ll be grateful of how it’s designed with waterproof features, which will surely save you from losing all those travel memories.

Learn more about this useful travel gadget, and ensure to store your travel memories on Victorinox Slim in the end, by reading this excerpt of a review created by Julie of

I was surprised to find that the 4GB version of the drive actually offers 4GB of storage (even with the included files). Typically flash drives have less than the advertised capacity, but this one has 4.02GB available (16.3MB used). Kudos to that… I’ve been using this flash drive for a couple of weeks now and have not had any problems with reading and writing files. It’s rated for up to 23MB/s (W) and up to 30MB/s (R)… I also tested the drive by plugging it into my Boxee Box and watching one of the 577MB .AVI files I copied directly from the flash drive. I didn’t have any problems with the video playback stuttering or pausing.

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