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Nothing beats culinary knowledge passed from one generation to another, and this is certainly true once you taste Michel Rostang’s dishes.

Feast on Cuisine Bourgeois at Michel Rostang’s Restaurant

With culinary secrets handed down from five generations, the eponymous owner of Michel Rostang showcases nothing but distinctively classic and unique culinary menus that have been made to satisfy the modern palates of many diners. While you may notice how wild dishes abound in this resto, examples of which are wild hare or Lievre, venison and pheasant, it’s also possible to order for seasonal specialties like suckling lamb in spring and truffles in winter.

Perennial menu standards are roasted scallops, sea urchins with quail eggs and fricassee of sole. With main courses running from 64€ to 88€, you could also opt for cheaper yet heartier fixed-price meals for as low as 76€.

Learn more about Michel Rostang in a short description he shared below about his culinary techniques:


All this needs is a strong concentration. It’s definitely comparable to a conductor’s work. To play a symphony, all your musicians have to be tuned together. They have to be at the right place at the right moment and that mechanism works itself. The most important is that everybody has to be very concentrated.

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