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Want to know how long the Airport Security line is? Then check out the GateGuru App for you mobile device. This App features flight-tracking with notifications of changes, airport maps and reviews and tips pertaining to eateries and services at more than 200 airports.

Get Real-Time Updates to your Itinerary with the GateGuru App
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if you find travel to be stressful and frustrating, you are not alone. Gone are the golden days of travel where every flight felt like a luxury. GateGuru feels your pain, and has created an app that they hope will change the way we travel. Think of the GateGuru app as your personal assistant, personal shopper and friend, all rolled into one. This handy app (for Windows, Android and Apple Devices) can track your itinerary with useful information such as flight delays, security wait times, layover time adjustments, and of course real time updates about your flight. 

By using the GateGuru App AirportCard you will know where to find every restroom, dining option, and Starbucks in your vicinity. Once you choose your airport you can also see local weather information and flight in the arrival and departure terminals. When you have arrived at your destination the GateGuru App can help you rent a car through its partner Avis with a 35% discount. With just two taps you will be driving away to your next meeting, without a hitch. 

Using GateGuru's Travel Stats you can track your travels in a fun and interesting way. Find out how many miles you have flown, how many airports you have visited, and how you compare to other GateGuru App users.

The GateGuru App aims to make travel fun and easy again, and with all of the amazing features you will soon agree.

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