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Sleeping is one of the basic human needs that is usually compromised when traveling.

Get that Power Nap with the Help of the Ostrich Pillow

Allow the uniquely-designed Ostrich Pillow to provide you an exceptional, little setting, wherein you’ll be treated to a comfy and warm shuteye without much of a hassle.

Although it isn’t a garment, pillow, bed or cushion, you’ll be able to experience all of this all at once with its cave-like interiors that separate your hands from any awkward and often painful positions as you lay your head to rest.

Get more info on the Ostrich Pillow, which you can use while waiting for your flight or catching a wink on your desk, in this overview provided for us by Christine Fleitz of

An ingenious new pillow concept by design collective Kawamura Ganjavian promises to make catching forty winks on the go just a little bit easier, wherever you are… Designed to eliminate sights and sounds, the Ostrich Pillow - named after the bird that sticks its head in the sand - fits snuggly over the head, with a hole to breathe through, and two pockets for your hands so they don't get cold. It is soft and malleable so it can fold into any carry-on bag.

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