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Cancun has indeed so much to offer, and one of these is enjoying luxury at its best in one of its numerous waterfront resorts.

Aerial Shot of the Cancun Island



Cancun is known to be the Caribbean of Mexico, and this coastal city is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked holiday vacation destinations in the country.
Finding a luxurious seafront hotel in Cancun won’t be much of a problem, but knowing which to choose among the equally posh amenities and amazing services will surely pose a dilemma.
But Daily Mail UK Travel contributor Dominic Turnbull found a perfect resort to completely relax and enjoy the extravagance that Mexico has to offer in the place of the Sensatori resort (“Chasing the Sun to Mexico, the Land of the Mango Tango, Haggling and Back Rubs”). Upon arrival to the resort, he and his fiancée was led to a comfortable room that prides itself on “a four-poster bed, modern art, flat-screen TV and a luxury whirlpool bath”, and its patio features an al fresco hot tub as well as their personal “‘swim-up’ stretch of shallow pool”.
Naturally, his days were packed with beach activities and usually highlighted with a drink from the pool bar. Here’s a quick excerpt from his article:
Our days followed a highly agreeable rhythm of sunbathing and swimming interspersed with drinks from the pool bar. My favorite daytime tipple was the Mango Tango – a terrifying, lurid yellow-and-red slush drink with a reassuringly alcoholic kick… Excellent snacks, mostly fresh seafood or ceviche, were available from a trolley. The service was of a similar standard found in the restaurants: attentive yet unobtrusive.
Go through the rest of his article, and get more information on the main things he liked about the hotel and Cancun, in general.

So start planning your next holiday vacation today!

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