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Choosing the perfect resort to stay in Crete won’t be that much of a problem once you discover the “forefront of luxury hospitality”.

Vai Crete


Nestled in the Mediterranean Sea is Crete, the biggest island in Greece, but finding peace and privacy in this Greek island is somewhat difficult, especially with the good number of hotels and resorts that dot the area.

As one of the top choice destinations of all the Greek islands, some travelers are not aware that the exquisiteness of Crete mostly lies in its secluded villages and enclosed beaches. Lisa Maxwell of the Daily Mail UK was fortunate enough to have discovered Daios Cove, which is a posh resort tucked in a secret beach in Crete (“My Crete Retreat: The New Greek Resort where Lisa Maxwell Found Some Family Time”).

Here’s an excerpt from her recent vacation:

Our first glimpse of the resort was sensational. As we approached, it just seemed to pop up out of the rocks, as if the hotel had grown out of the cove or risen out of the sea. It's a very, very clever piece of architecture… The whole place was a work of art. All the surfaces seemed to be made of carefully polished marble, and glass balconies ensured that wherever you were in the villa, you had a view of the lovely coastline... When we didn't fancy mixing, we escaped to our villa and used our own pool area for some heavenly quiet time. We made a couple of visits to the resort's spa, billed by the hotel as 'the perfect hideaway, infused with earth's energy, dedicated to purifying the body, balancing the mind and elevating the soul'. Well, I couldn't say no to that, could I?

Go through the remainder of her article here, and learn more about the activities she did in Crete’s Daios Cove.

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