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When staying at the county of East Sussex in England, what is one of the most recommended posh accommodations around?

Royal Pavilion at the East Sussex


While there are delightful hotels, such as The Shelley’s and White Hart Hotel, that offer pleasant services in Lewes, there’s this one particular accommodation that will surely take your breath away when staying in this part of South East England.

In Newick Park Hotel & Country Estate, you are provided with privileged choices to select from a night in its Main House or the Granary, either of which is promised to feature utmost elegance and warmth all fused into its extraordinary antique furniture, enormous log fires and friendly staff.

The Inspector of Daily Mail UK Travel even gave it a 5-star rating during his one-night stay at the hotel (“An Inspector Calls at… Newick Park Hotel and Country Estate, East Sussex"). He described it as having an “almost Zen-like atmosphere”.

Here’s a quick excerpt from his article:

It’s mainly Georgian, built on three floors with two tall bays on each side… Ours (room) is pretty in an understated, British sort of way. There’s something comforting about the old-fashioned headboard, a luggage rack, dressing table, huge cupboards, thick curtains, and a roll-top bath that looks like it’s been there for ever.

Catch the rest of his review here, and learn more about the wonderful service and amenities at the Newick Park Hotel & Country Estate.

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