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Hurghada, Egypt’s Premier Resort Town

Egypt is world renowned for the pyramids, historic landmarks and ancient ruins, but there is another side of Egypt that spells a lot of fun, sun, sea and sand. One of the jewels of Egypt is the city of Hurghada , it is where you can enjoy water activities, a vibrant nightlife, and days of relaxation.

Once a sleepy fishing town, Hurghada has drawn in thousands of both local and international tourists. It is located on the coast of the Red Sea, and enjoys a subtropical-desert climate. It is inhabited by about 250,000 people, most of whom, were drawn into the city when it experienced a boom in the tourism industry. Would you believe that there are almost 200 hotels, lodges and inns in a city which stretches 22 miles along the shore! The Hurghada International Airpot is your gateway to the city.  It is serviced by numerous domestic and international carriers.

There are so many water activities you can enjoy in Hurghada including swimming with the dolphins, diving in Rosalie Moller Wreck, Abu Nuhas Reef or Dolphin Reef, paragliding and sailing, You can enjoythe sun, sand and sea at the Sharm El Naga, Mahmya, Giftun Islands or Dream Beach. If you have your kids with you, bring them to the Sand City, Hurghada Grand Aquarium, Sindbad Aqua Park, or Jungle Aqua Park. Aside from enjoying numerous water and fun activities, you can also visit the Selkhet Papyrus Museum, and the Akhenaten Egypt Gallery. Yearning for more? You can opt for a Sightseeing Tour, Cultural and Heritage Tour, Jeep Safari Tour, Horseback Riding Tour, Bike Tour, Air Tour, or a Submarine Tour!

You just have to book a trip to Hurghada for the entire family to enjoy all these activities. Consult your travel agent and be on your way! 


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