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Kurio Kids Tablet – Children Entertainment on the Road

Needless to say, the Kurio Kids Tablet is the kid version of the typical tablets that you see on the market today, but what makes it different from the rest is that you have parental control not only with the downloads of applications but also on the types of website and varieties of games that they could access.

Aside from being child-friendly, the Kurio Kids Tablet is powered by Android; hence your little ones could enjoy e-books, non-violent games as well as Internet surfing as you travel. Find out more about this cool tablet in this review written by’s Anton Olsen:

I’ve been using one now for a couple weeks and I’ve been very happy with both features and performance. The controls are responsive and the custom user interface, while not as slick as stock Ice Cream Sandwich, is quite usable, and kid friendly. When the tablet is locked, the interface presents an icon for each child. Accounts can be time limited and password protected. It is also possible to bypass the Kurio interface and go straight to a stock ICS interface, though without the Google apps like Gmail.

Catch the rest of his product review here, and provide your children entertainment on the road with the Kurio Kids Tablet.

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