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Learn what to expect when visiting the third biggest island in Denmark.

Egeskov Castle


While Funen is popularly recognized as the island nestling between Jutland and Zealand, this huge Danish isle doesn’t only exist to serve as a connection between the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Visiting the island yourself, you will notice that Funen advantageously got the best characteristics of both Copenhagen and Jutland, and it is easy to say why anyone could easily live the good life here.

From the laid-back lifestyle and good people to the reasonably-priced fares, another reason that made Daily Mail UK Travel writer Collette Lyons visit this place is because it is in one of its cities, Odense, where the writer Hans Christian Andersen was born (“Danish Delight: Fairytales, Fantasy and Food on Funen, Hans Christian Andersen’s Island”).

Here’s a quick excerpt of his travel post about where he stayed while vacationing in Funen:

Our first night was spent in the extravagantly moated Broholm, with its soaring turrets and very own enchanted forest, complete with a 2km trail for walkers… It now has a fine dining restaurant and 15 toile-de-jouy decorated bedrooms and suites. Ours had a roll-top bath and views out over the cobbled courtyard. But we spent most of our time in one of the many drawings rooms in front of a roaring log fire… The same single-minded enthusiasm can be seen at Valdemar's Castle, Denmark's largest manor house museum, on the tiny neighboring island of Tasinge. There we made our way through oak-paneled, velvet-draped rooms to the attic, to find a menagerie of stuffed animals.

Read the rest of his travel post here, and consider living the good life in Funen, Denmark!

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