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Looking for a new restaurant to kick off your week in New Orleans? Then you should absolutely drop by at Maurepas Foods.

Restaurant Tip: Relishing the Robust Flavors of Maurepas Foods

The creatively revamped yet casual and reasonably-priced Maurepas Foods offers a new restaurant option to the people of New Orleans, featuring a farm-to-table style in cooking and sourcing.

With most of its menu priced lower than $10, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know that you could already enjoy great yet affordable meals, including speedy services. You could expect small yet satisfying entrees, yummy appetizers and impressive side dishes when visiting Maurepas Foods.

NY Times Travel contributor Melena Ryzik can attest to the impressive service and delightful food at the Maurepas Foods as she herself sampled some of the best dishes in the restaurant (“Restaurant Report: Maurepas Foods in New Orleans”). She noted that the resto’s “menu has Southern roots and a wild imagination”.

Here’s a nice sampler from her review:

Goat tacos come with pickled green tomatoes and cilantro harissa; mussels, with pear cider and king oyster mushrooms — and each is cheaper than a movie ticket. His market greens, a stewy version of collards with potatoes and locally smoked ham, are just $3. An elegant meal for two, without drinks, could easily run less than $35.

Catch the rest of her restaurant review, and learn more about her opinions on the drinks and desserts in Maurepas Foods’ menu.

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