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Paris is all about food, most especially desserts and pastries.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Pierre Herme

Without a doubt, a visit in Paris will surely destroy your diet plans, especially if there’s any chance you drop by Pierre Herme, where delectable biscuits and macaroons exist in abundance. Although you’ll find several branches of Monsieur Herme’s creations from all over the world, the main shop at Left Blank will particularly present a complete list of his sweet treats, from strawberries and passion fruits to wasabi, cakes and chocolates.

The following milestones of Pierre Herme will give you an idea on just how delicious and successful this Parisian store has become:

Every day, enthusiastic gourmets rediscovered pastries, macaroons and chocolates, with connoisseurs from all over the world flocking to this temple of sweet delights. In 2004, a second shop featuring very innovative interior design opened at 185 rue de Vaugirard. In early 2005, the latest concepts from Pierre Hermé Paris® were launched in Tokyo: a "luxury convenience store" and a Chocolate Bar. Both are located in the Omotesando district, where the biggest fashion brands and companies operating in Japan have stores.



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