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Scenic Eclipse - Ocean Cruise Voyages

The excitement over Scenic Eclipse has been tremendous! Itineraries are now open and selling fast on each of departure.


Remote, pristine and undeniably beautiful, Antarctica is unlike any place on earth. Explore this icy wonderland from every angle with Zodiacs, kayaks, helicopters and submarines to take you above, below and beyond.

Arctic and the Fjords

Journey to the top of the world in the ultimate comfort and luxury. The Arctic and Norwegian Fjords offer up some of the most spectacular scenery in the world including an abundance of wildlife and the spectacular Northern Lights.

Europe & The Mediterranean

Let Scenic Eclipse introduce you to the wonders of the Mediterranean. From the romance of Venice and the exotic delights of Turkey to the flavours of Spain and the rare gems of Morocco, your journey will introduce you to a whole new Europe.
The Americas
From the white sand beaches and perfect islands of Cuba and the Caribbean to the epic mountain ranges and wildlife of the West Coast of South America, sit back and enjoy exploring one of the most spectacular places on earth.
See for yourself in this preview video:
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