Business Travel Solutions

Track Your Unused Airline Credits

Most corporations are finding it increasingly challenging to identify, track and maximize the use of unused ticket credits. With no formal record of credits created or used, corporations are finding that they have no reliable internal process nor in many cases does their travel service provider offer to assist. 

With these challenges in mind and given the fact that corporations can easily experience up to 20% lost ticket value of their total travel spend based on the expiry of unused credits, we use an industry leading solution – UNIGLOBE Credit Tracking.

This proprietary solution relies on database technology to remove the typical manual intervention of an agency to create the record of a credit. Then when an applicable reservation is requested, the system creates an automated prompt for your counsellor/traveller to redeem the credit.

Your company will never miss out on credits with UNIGLOBE Credit Tracker! Contact us for more information.



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