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Travel News: Software Company to Offer Employees Paid Vacations

A Denver-based company is offering its employees $7,500 bonus to go on vacation.  

Too good to be true? Continue reading to learn more.

On top of their normal pay, Full Contact, a software provider company, is offering employees $7,500 to take vacations.  This is what the Company’s CEO and co-founder, Bart Lorang announced on his blog.   

The $7,500 budget is an amount Lorang believes is needed for a family of 4 to take a good vacation – in Mexico.  This is enough for those in the trip, and will not make them worry about the expenses.  The three explicit conditions set for this privilege to be availed of include no e-mails, no texting , no phone calls even, no working while on the trip and lastly, the employees should take the trip.

Among those who took advantage of this privilege are some of the software engineers at Full Contact.  They confessed that it was not easy getting off the technology grid, but eventually got the hang of it and enjoyed every moment of their vacation.  They said that they felt recharged after the break and was rearing to get back to work.

What propelled Lorang to push this incentive? As he was scanning his old photos, he saw a photo of himself riding a camel among the pyramids, but he was texting.

Finally, he hopes that this incentive will put Full Contact a notch higher and attract good talents.


So get started with your next vacation today!

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