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Viennese music Festival is held by the Polish People to celebrate the Vienna music influence on popular music culture in Poland.

Unearth the Beauty of Polish Culture and History in their Annual Festivals

The Kingdom of Poland was established in 1025 but ceased to exist as a country in 1569 to form the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. As fate would have it, the commonwealth ceased to exist in 1795 when its territory was partitioned between the Kingdom of Prussia, the Russian Empire, and Old Austria. A second Polish Republic was born at the end of WWI in 1918. However, the country was occupied again by the Nazi Germany and Soviet Union in 1939 during the Second World War.

After the war, Poland continued being a Soviet Union Client Republic under the name of People's Republic of Poland in 1952. The communist regime was however overthrown and a new Polish republic was born under a democratic system of governance. This is the modern Poland as we know it. With such a long tempered history, Poland has hundreds of festivals to commemorate various things. Below are 12 of the most popular.

1. Music in Old Cracow International Festival

This festival was started by Stanisław Gałoński in 1979. The unique name was to distinguish it from the hundreds of festivals held in Poland. It is held to recall the traditions of Krakow which has had an outstanding renaissance.  

2. Jewish Culture Festival

This is held to commemorate the traditional Jewish culture. It was first organized in 1988 by Janusz Makuch and Krzysztof Gierat.

3. Festival of Austrian Culture

This festival seeks to remind the residents of Krakow of their roots. It is held by the Austrian community in Poland.

4. International Viennese Music Festival

Viennese music Festival is held by the Polish People to celebrate the Vienna music influence on popular music culture in Poland.

5. Mozart Festival

If you want to listen to the best of Mozart pieces, attend this festival. It might just be the inspiration you have been looking for.

6. Festival of Good Beer

Do you love your beer? During this festival, you will not only sample the best beers made in Poland but also those that come from around Europe.

7. Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

If you are into performing arts, then this festival will showcase the best of Shakespeare dramas.

8. Gaude Mater International Festival of Sacred Music

This festival is dedicated to sacred music. From Christmas Carols to Easter and Good Friday sacred music, you will hear it all. This festival brings the best in classical and contemporary sacred music.

9. Polish Violin Masters String Festival

This is a festival dedicated to those who love playing violin as well as those who love good music. It brings the best of violinist from Poland and Europe.

10. International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Popular dancing moves such as Salsa, ballet, belly dance etc. will be showcased by the best dancers from around the world during this festival.

Poland is a country that has a festival for almost everything. There is no single time of the year there won’t be a festival going on somewhere. Perhaps due to its location at the center of Europe, it has become a melting pot for all the major European civilizations and thus its rich program of festivities.


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