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Learn what to expect in your Nicaragua travels in this colorful slideshow video we’re featuring for the day.


Being the biggest nation in the isthmus of Central America, there are largely a lot of travel attractions waiting to be seen in Nicaragua. In addition to this, it has also become a top beach destination owing to the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean lying on its eastern and western part, respectively.

In fact, you could opt to frolic on the shores of the two fresh water lakes located on the Pacific region of Nicaragua or even give yourself a chance to witness the special ecosystem of this country and simply appreciate how it has easily become a biodiversity hotspot in Mesoamerica.

Get a glimpse of how it is to travel in Nicaragua in this slideshow clip arranged by Daniel Gautreau, who further shares,

I hope you all enjoy this show as much as I did living it. Love Nicaragua. Beautiful & friendly people. Please read; 'The Country under My Skin' by: Gioconda Belli (she's in the show reading in Granada). Really good & honest book to help understand a little history & passion of Nica. Also, they make wonderful cigars & rum.

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